Cooper Power Systems is proud to introduce the CYME 7 series, its latest generation of power engineering software for the coming years. This new 7 series will include additional engineering applications, a web version, a Python® scripting tool, a 64-bit version and a spreadsheet editor, among others, that will make the CYME power engineering application suite a universal software for today’s transmission, distribution and industrial network analysis needs.



CYME 7.1

     CYME 7.1 takes a significant step to redefine the term “ease-of-use” bringing both simplicity and accurate results to your fingertips. As part of the CYME 7 Series, this new version reiterates our commitment to constantly improve our software by offering a unique solution that combines a design centered on the needs of power engineers and leading-edge engineering software tools.


CYME 7.1 offers a wide range of enhanced capabilities, featuring new modules, new functionalities and extended configuration options including:

·         Optimal Recloser Placement Analysis

·         Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement Analysis

·         DC Arc Flash Hazards Analysis

·         Online Maps Service

·         Equipment Rating Verification Analysis

·         Enhanced Cable Modeling

·         Advanced Scripting Tools with Python®

·         Batch Analysis



     You will find attached to this message a brochure that highlights the main new features of CYME 7.0. Visit our website regularly to learn more about additions and enhancements, or contact us at your convenience.


     Since 1986, our team is renowned for its responsiveness, depth and quality. Our open dialogue with utility and industry users combined with the high degree of knowledge of our engineering and technical staff ensures that the key power engineering issues and emerging trends of the power industry make their way into our software and solutions. Today, CYME world-class power engineering software and solutions stand behind thousands of T&D projects in over 100 countries in the world.




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