Some of our publications related to FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP

Modelling of tapered waveguides with the FIMMPROP taper algorithm T.P. Felici, D.F.G. Gallagher, "On propagation through long step tapers." Special Issue of Optical and Quantum Electronics, 2001 PDF
Record transmission achieved in photonic crystal waveguides using FIMMPROP and Kallistos T.P. Felici, A. Lavrinenko, D.F.G. Gallagher et al., "Record transmissions achieved in photonic crystal waveguide components through novel automatic optimisation techniques," presented at the ECIO, 2003 PDF
Optical design of a InAlAs/InGaAs p-i-n photodetector G. Torrese, I. Huynen, M. Serres, D. Gallagher, M. Banham, A. Vander Vorst, “An Analytical Bias-Dependent Non Uniform Model for p-i-n Travelling-Wave Photodetectors”, IEEE MTT, Vol XX, 2001, pp.411, 2001. PDF
Discussion on the suitability of EigenMode Expansion to simulation optical propagation D.F.G. Gallagher, T.P. Felici, "Eigenmode Expansion Methods for Simulation of Optical Propagation in Photonics – Pros and Cons." Proc. SPIE, vol 4987, pp.69-82, 2003. PDF
Optimisation of tapers and photonic crystal structures with FIMMPROP and Kallistos T.P. Felici, D.F.G. Gallagher, "Improved waveguide structures derived from new rapid optimization techniques." presented at the Photonics West, San Jose, 4986-48, 2003. PDF
Ring resonator modelling with FIMMPROP E. V. Bekker, V. Brulis, D. Gallagher, "Accurate Design of Optical Microring Resonators", presented at ECIO, Cambridge, 2010. PDF


A small sample of our customers' publications using results from FIMMWAVE and FIMMPROP
Design of ultralow-loss silicon waveguide crossing using cascaded MMI couplers Y. Zhang, A. Hosseini, X. Xu, D. Kwong and R. T. Chen, "Ultralow-loss silicon waveguide crossing using Bloch modes in index-engineered cascaded multimode-interference couplers", Optics Letters, 38, 18, pp. 3608-3611 (2013) PDF


Modelling of tapered transition between silicon and ultra-low loss waveguides J. F. Bauters, M. L. Davenport, M. J. R. Heck, J. K. Doylend, A. Chen, A. W. Fang and J. E. Bowers, "Silicon on ultra-low-loss waveguide photonic integration platform", Optics Express, 21, 1, p. 544-555 (2013) PDF
Simulation of propagation and farfield pattern for a 1x3 MMI coupler A. Hosseini, D. Kwong, Y. Zhang, A. Alu, and R. T. Chen, “Modeling and experimental observation of on-chip two-dimensional far field interference pattern,” Applied Optics, vol. 50, pp. 1822-1826, 2011 PDF
Mode solving in high power broad area devices P. Crump, S. Boldicke, C. M. Schultz, H. Ekhteraei, H. Wenzel and G. Erbert, "Experimental and theoretical analysis of the dominant lateral waveguiding mechanism in 975 nm high power broad area diode lasers", Semicond. Sci. Technol., 27, 045001 (2012) PDF
Optimisation of 1x12 silicon MMI couplers A. Hosseini, H. Subbaraman, D. Kwong, Y. Zhang, R. T. Chen, “Optimum Access Waveguide Width for 1xN Multimode Interference Couplers on Silicon Nanomembrane,” Optics Letters, vol. 35, no. 2864-2866, 2010 PDF
Design of a laterally-tapered vertical coupler with FIMMPROP M. Galarza, D. Van Thourhout, R. Baets, M. Lopez-Amo, "Compact and highly-efficient polarization independent vertical resonant couplers for active-passive monolithic integration", Optics Express, vol. 16(12), pp. 8350-8358 (2008) PDF
Modelling of an silicon on insulator (SOI) RIB waveguide in a 90 degree bend Yusheng Qian, Seunghyun Kim, Jiguo Song, Gregory P. Nordin and Jianhua Jiang, "Compact and low loss silicon-on-insulator rib waveguide 90° bend", Optics Express, 14, 13, pp. 6020-6028(2006) PDF
Modelling of a silicon on insulator (SOI) waveguide Delphine Marris, Eric Cassan, Laurent Vivien, Daniel Pascal, Alain Koster, Suzanne Laval, "Design of modulation-doped SiGe/Si optical modulator integrated in a submicrometer silicon-on-insulator waveguide", Optical Engineering, Vol.44(8), 084001, August 2005 PDF
Modelling of a silicon photonic wire waveguide for wavelength conversion K. Yamada, H. Fukuda, T. Tsuchizawa, T. Watanabe, T. Shoji, and S. Itabashi, “All-Optical Efficient Wavelength Conversion Using Silicon Photonic Wire Waveguide”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol.18, No. 9, pp.1046-1048, May 2006 PDF


Modelling of hollow core waveguides Holger Schmidt, Dongliang Yin, John P. Barber, and Aaron R. Hawkins, “Hollow-Core Waveguides and 2-D Waveguide Arrays for Integrated Optics of Gases and Liquids”, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, V11, No.2, March/April 2005 PDF


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