WOE~Surveillance Camera Lens。Endoscope Lens。ToF Lens。Near Eye Lens。         CYME 9.0 New Features!!!!!!!!!!         光研全新代理Essent Optics 系列光譜儀 Photon RT & Linza 150 Spectrophotometers         PD-Harold VCSEL Laser Module        

This is version ASLD 3.6.  New is:


-          Multicore simulation. This decreases computational time


-          GUI for K4-screens. Some of our new customers have a

Screen with a very high resolution. We had to update

Icons and several parts of the GUI.


-          Several other minor improvements




Until end of the year, we will come up with another new version of ASLD, which allows to simulate new crystals with more complex rate equations.