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Learn more about the future of distribution planning

Utilities are at the forefront of the energy transition. As renewable integration accelerates, the need for a resilient, reliable grid grows. Safety, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction remain paramount. How can you navigate this complex puzzle?

CYME webinar series is a program designed to help you discover new ways to use CYME software to address your most challenging planning scenarios. From Advanced Project Management to DER Hosting Capacity Analysis, we’ve got you covered.

The webinar sessions will be held biweekly from July 9th to December 10th, 2024, at 1:00 pm EST. Each session will spotlight a different CYME module. These webinars are offered free of charge and will be recorded and available on demand for a limited time. 

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  • Advanced Project Management (07/09/2024): Work with multiple scenarios and plan network modifications within a project chronology that can include time-based sub-projects and mutually exclusive mitigation plans.
  • DER Hosting Capacity Analysis and Impact Evaluation (07/23/2024): Discover ways to perform generation interconnection system impact studies within minutes rather than hours through the automation of a series of repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone verifications.
  • Time Series Analyses (08/06/2024): Explore best practices for developing customer load profile curves, generation load curves, long-term dynamics analysis and reporting. 
  • Arc Flash Hazards Assessment and Protective Device Coordination (08/20/2024): Explore how to conduct a proper assessment of arc flash risk level to help minimize operational downtime and ensure a safer work environment.
  • Secondary Distribution Grids (09/03/2024): Explore the wide range of solutions to support modeling and analysis use cases. 
  • Microgrid Modeling and Analysis (09/17/2024): Discover the microgrid analysis module study parameters, control modes of dispatchable distributed energy resources and load curtailment schemes to avoid voltage or frequency collapse of the microgrid.
  • Advanced Fault Location (10/01/2024): Explore solutions to calculate and visualize possible fault locations on the detailed network model.
  • Load Relief DER Optimization (10/15/2024): Turn weeks of engineering into minutes of computation time and support the modernization of the planning framework.
  • Volt/Var Optimization and Voltage Regulator Placement (10/29/2024): Learn how to tackle the complexity of the problem with simple tools to achieve voltage regulation either by the volt-var optimization technique or the more traditional optimal regulator placement. 
  • Harmonics, Frequency and Power Quality Assessment (11/12/2024): Learn how to tackle the effects of harmonics on the network and how to mitigate both voltage and current distortions within the limits as defined in engineering standards.
  • Advanced Distribution Planning System (ADPS) (11/26/2024): Meet advanced distribution planning needs, including forecast analytics, time series analysis, DER modeling, non-wires alternatives, and project portfolio evaluation all as an integrated corporate solution.
  • Behind the Meter (12/10/2024): Perform a stochastic and scenario-based analysis to assess network states with various grid-edge technologies adoption scenarios. 

This webinar series is designed to meet the professional development needs of utility distribution planning teams and discover tools to conquer utility challenges. It is ideal for planning teams, engineers and managers.


During this event, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Watch our technical experts demonstrate solutions that help utility professionals tackle complex engineering challenges
  • Discover the full value of your CYME power engineering software by reviewing additional modules
  • Learn about emerging trends that distribution planning teams are being asked to address


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