MT-FIMMPROP is coming!!!


MT-FIMMPROP layout and simulation in one environment!!!



Multi-Topology (MT) FIMMPROP is an innovative new design environment from Photon Design. 


A New Domain of Waveguide Devices with Multi Topology (MT)-FIMMPROP

We’re pleased to announce the release of MT- FIMMPROP, the new additional module to FIMMPROP that expands the use of our market leading EigenMode Expansion method into a new domain of waveguide devices.

  • Simulation and Layout Environment – MT-FIMMPROP’s fully schematic environment allows users to see devices as they would appear on chip; this means MT-FIMMPROP now functions as a layout tool with GDS-II export in a single click.

  • Field Visualisation – The results of MT-FIMMPROP’s simulations are now displayed on the geometry of the device giving a more visual opportunity to examine the behaviour of devices for iterative design workflows.

  • Computational Regions – MT-FIMMPROP allows users to define computational regions that can span coupling regions or conform to the shape of arbitrarily defined paths. This allows multiple simulations to be combined natively.


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