Photon Design - Jan Talks (2024/1/11) and Demos (2024/1/16 & 18)





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Introduction                                                                     2024/1/11(四), 16:30 TW
This hour and a half talk will introduce you to all of Photon Design’s software, discussing our newest and most powerful features. Here you can see which of our tools best suits your interests which you can follow up in next week’s in-depth demonstrations. The session will be split into two halves to discuss our passive modelling software and our active modelling software. We’ll be around for questions after the talk has concluded.
藉由這半個小時介紹Photon Design所有的模組, 討論軟體最新、最強大的功能。
在這裡可以看到PD的那些工具最適合您的興趣或是應用, 便可以在下週的深入演示中跟進。
在下週的演示會議中將分為兩個部份, 前半段以被動建模模組為主(FIMMWAVE/FIMMPROP/OMNISIM/EPIPPROP); 

Demonstrations                                                            2024/1/16(二), 16:30 TW
                                                                                  2024/1/18(四), 16:30 TW 
These sessions are split into 15 – 45 minute sections, demonstrating our new and powerful features and examples of devices that suit them. You may leave and re-join for the topics that are most relevant to your area of interest.  A time table of the sessions can be found on the following page. Our passive component modelling will be covered on Tuesday the 16th  and our active component modelling will be covered on Thursday the 18th. 
Due to the tight time schedule we may not have time to answer all of your questions. If you do leave our demonstrations with any questions you can visit our website at or get in touch at
在演示會議中, 藉由各模組相關的範例進一步的展示軟體最新及強大的功能。
由於時間有限,沒能即時答覆的問題或對於簡報有任何的疑問等, 都歡迎直接造訪原廠的官網



歡迎有興趣的老師/同學及業界先進, 踴躍報名參加. 
- 請提供以下資料至bunny@wavelab-sci.com以註冊報名。



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