PD_Harold Version 6.0






Version 6.0

What’s New
See Changes Logs in the manuals for full details. Here is a summary.

  • New HaroldVCSEL module: Full 3D cylindrical model, computing the optical cavity modes, electrical drift-diffusion, heat-flow and electron-photon interactions. A comprehensive integrated design environment for many of the main VCSEL variations being explored by industry today.
  • New in HaroldXY module: further simulation results available
  • New in Harold module: new thermionic emission model; improvements to material database data; much easier creation and editing of periodic structures
  • Improved user interface: most windows now docked.

Other News
FIMMWAVE v7.0 just released: many SOI simulations now 3x to 10x faster!

OmniSim v 7.0 just released: Major upgrade to FETD engine – now 2x to 10x faster. Try it out if you are working on nano-optics, plasmonics, metamaterials.

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