Visit Photon Design at Metamaterials - 2019


Visit Photon Design at Metamaterials - 2019

We will be in Rome forMetamaterials'2019. If you are attending this conference please feel free to come to our booth at Crowne Plaza Rome - St. Peter's, we would love to hear what you are up to and we can tell you about our latest work.

Also look out for our Photonic Modelling Workshop - Hands-on Session directly preceding Metamaterials'2019. Book Now!

You can find a few recent highlights below.  


Version 7.0 coming soon! This will feature our new much improved user interface. New version of our innovative FETD engine which will see many simulations speeding up 4x or more! Come and pre-register for a test drive. 


New version brings yet another significant speed increase to our World leading EME tool. E.g. silicon-on-insulator (SOI) inverse tapers now 5x-10x faster. Also now with greatly improved interface.


VCSEL – New!

Photon Design is pleased to announce its comprehensive VCSEL model. Building on our 25 years’ experience in optical and laser diode modelling, this is a full 3D model covering optical mode, current flow, drift/diffusion, QW gain, thermal flow. Producing LI curves, quantum efficiency, spectra, linewidth, far field. Later versions will model also dynamics.


PICWave 5.8

PICWave 5.8 featuring a new third-order susceptibility model (including Kerr effect, two-photon absorption etc.), DQPSK constellation diagram and PAM signal eye diagram plotting capability, significant improvements to passive model import.  


Our innovative AWG and Echelle WDM simulation environment now features greatly improved and more flexible AWG and Echelle templates, with support for complex epitaxial operations such as multiple etch. 








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